Boat Rentals

It’s not uncommon to think commanding a big power boat requires little more than the ability to turn a key. There are Rules of the Road to follow while cruising. Proper handling of any size power boat comes into play when underway, docking, anchoring, picking up moorings, passing or overtaking other boats. Safety for all aboard is synonymous with having a good day on the water which is why we offer boating courses through our powerboat school.

Learn to drive a motor boat on a motor boat training course here at Action Water Sports.

If you have a little experience, we are here to teach you the basic skills. You start your training in a small boat with all basic lessons and then progress up according to your needs.

We have an excellent range of power and motor boats to cater for complete beginners who want to learn how to drive a motor boat or powerboat. If you want to rent a motor boat you will need a powerboat handling course and we have a range of boat training courses to meet your needs.


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