Jet Ski

There’s no better way to experience Halkidikis beaches than on a high-performance jet ski. Action Water Sports owns and operates jet skis offering residents and vacationers the best experience in our beach with our affordable prices and superior customer service. We provide everything you need for a fun and safe experience – including safety and usage training, life jackets, and more.

Although training is not compulsory, our personell will give you all the skills to use a Jet Ski safely and with confidence. Having a qualification can also come in handy when skiing abroad, on restricted waters or to save money on insurance.

Our machines are top of the line and our experienced and professional staff will ensure that even most novice riders can feel like experts on the water.

Renting a Jet Ski from Action Water Sports is a great family-friendly experience the kids will love. You don’t have to race across the waves or be a daredevil to have a good time. Just being out on the water and enjoying the view can be thrilling all by itself. Bring along the camera to capture what you see.


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