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Why lay down when you can stand up? Learn to stand up paddle, or SUP at our beautiful beach. This ancient water sport has made a major comeback with the help of new board technology, increasing the performance and ease of riding. Stand up paddling combines the thrill of surfing with the techniques of paddling, a match made in heaven. Action Water Sports offer a variety of conditions, from flat water cruising to moderate chop and rolling waves. Lessons generally stick to the calmest areas to practice basic strokes and techniques.

SUP is easy to learn. Stand up paddle boarding has a gentle learning curve on the flat water. If you can stand up, you can do it, especially on beginner paddle boards in calm water. Anyone will be standing up and paddling quickly. Like most things, the more you get out on a board the easier it becomes.

We will cover all the basics, getting familiar with equipment, water entry and balance, proper stance and positioning on the board, efficient paddling technique and safety.


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