Wind Surfing

Imagine a sport which can be a relaxing ride across the water, a thorough cardiovascular work-out, or a heart pounding adrenaline ride in the surf and you’ll know we’re talking about windsurfing. Get on board, and before you know it you will be cruising around at our beautiful beach, only powered by the wind and there is no better place to learn it at the Action Water Sports Center.

Windsurfing is a sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of your age or ability or size. Windsurfing is also a great way to get out and experience nature while you’re exercising. It improves balance, co-ordination, strength and endurance, is stress reducing, invigorating, and invites exploration.

Under the direction of our expert instructors, beginner Windsurfing Lessons are tailored to students needs and goals. Our beach is a very user friendly place to start. All gear used is professional,  brand new and of the latest standards well suited for both novices and experts alike.


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